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P.L.U.T.O Rescue of Richmond County
We are a nonprofit, no kill animal rescue group started by people who have a special place in their hearts for the homeless, abandoned, sick and unwanted animals. To promote humane education designed to increase awareness, compassion and responsible pet ownership. An all volunteer group dedicated to rescuing, providing medical attention and unconditional love until placed in a permanent and well educated home.


P.L.U.T.O. Rescue
PO BOX 140889
Staten Island NY 10314

Phone: (718) 227-0553 & (718) 494-8336
Fax: 718-404-3901 x7019

Lisa (Founder): PLUTORESCUE@aol.com

Jessica (Jr. Secretary): PlutoRescueRC@aol.com

Mary (Webmistress, Volunteer): BlueMagnolia225@aol.com


P.L.U.T.O. Rescue of Richmond County
Phone:  718-227-0553

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"Look into my eyes; no human will ever love you as much as I do."